Are you searching for a cool thing to do this summer but do not have the financial capability of sustaining it? And sadly, looking at your garden it seems a little bit all over the place. Then maybe this is the time to recycle and work your garden out, turn it into a Do It Yourself Recycled Landscape with just a determination and a penny to lose. Here are some remarkable recycled ideas that will totally fit your taste.

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Garden Design

  • Bottles

Type, Size, Shape and Color is a big factor on how will you arrange bottles but the most important factor that counts when you use this humble recyclable material is how will you use it to the fullest extent. Glass bottles which are easily be broken and shattered can be a very good design in creating a fence. Beside from its colors and breakable characteristic it is also shiny that can reflect lights from for a better lighting if you’re making an indoor garden.

Plastic Bottles can also be a very good substitute for pots especially when you want to have a hanging garden. Besides for being unbreakable this kind of bottle is unperishable or durable at the same time. This is also paintable, which give you the idea of doing it with your children that strengthens your bond with them.

  • Cabinets

Old Cabinets that are already been replace with a new one can also do a great job on giving your garden a volume. It gives place for tools and nursery state plants to hold on and prevent casualties from happening especially when you are planting vegetable to prevent pests like insects and rats to infiltrate your possessions. You can also repaint it to give color that gives it a wow factor when displaying it.

  • Shoes, Boots and Clothes

Old Shoes, Boots and Clothes can be a substitute for flower pots. If you are an artistic and fashionable person and do have many excess clothes, shoes and boots that is going to trash eventually. then this is the time to recycle it and make it a substitute for a kinky garden design. You can wrap or glue clothes to old and indecent looking pots to hide and make it pleasing to the eye.

  • Broken Mugs and Drinking Glass

This Items can give different vibrant and personality to a Gardenscapes especially when you want to have a small window garden. This show warmth, sweetness and bouncy personality. This goes well with cacti and small grown herb plants like rosemary, basil and chives and many more which leads to an easy access fresh herb.